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REVIEW: The Counselor

REVIEW: The Counselor

By Derek Sante - Review Nation

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A lawyer known simply as "Counselor" (Michael Fassbender) to his clients; is on a downward spiral. Not because his clientele are murders, kingpins, and drug lords, but because this man of the law has decided to do something unlawful. With little apprehension, this Counselor decides to dip his toe into the drug trafficking trade.

From that point on, he soon realizes the true weight of what he has undertook. Especially when things go awry and the finger of blame falls upon him, his drug lord friend (Javier Bardem) and his middle-man acquaintance (Brad Pitt). The hard truth that cartels do not take apologies and care little about facts comes to light as they and their loved ones are hunted. In this world built of fear, keeping up appearances means everything.

From the same writer that brought you No Country for Old Men comes another story of life, choices and the violence that people live with. Personally, I wanted to really like this film, yet their was something off about it. The characters were all interesting, but it felt stretched thin when it came to rounding them out. I understand the story and how it revolved around many facets based on wants and needs; I just wish the needs included more than a snake in the grass that startled the herd. In my opinion, go and see No Country for Old Men again, perfectly cast and directed the film will leave you thinking. Unfortunately, The Counselor only left me questioning the story, cast and direction.

Grade: C+
MPAA Rating: R

Running time: 1hr 51mins.

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